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New Technology








We use GPS tracking for each of our snow team members and equipment. Whether it is a plow truck, wheeled loader, or our specialized sidewalk crews, our snow administration specialists are able to monitor the location or our fleet in real-time. Through the use of this technology we are able to view the progress of our client's sites and ensure the properties are getting done accurately based on the snow event. In addition we also have live weather radar that is overlaid, keeping us up to date with the most current weather conditions. This allowing us to make efficiency which translates not only to better customer service, but reduces cost to our clients. 








We apply a proprietary nine-step service process for each of our client sites to ensure we meet your quality standards. Our team of supervisors will also be responsible for inspecting the quality of work throughout an event to ensure 100% client satisfaction. 

Electronic Mapping and Measurments








During the bid process, we use in house software with satellite imaging to accurately measure the square footage of both payments and walks on our client's property. This information is then ran through our proprietary estimating system that uses 20 years of historical data to estimate weather, product requirements/consumption and labor time to calculate our bid price to service the property. Once awarded, we use the same technology to build customized site plan to provide to our snow teams. By leveraging this technology we are able to provide our clients with precise estimates ensuring you get the best price for your job, as well as provide our snow teams with a snow plan that will arrange quality service every time.   









Our network of 15 satellite locations are strategically located so that snow fighting equipment is never more than 15 minutes from our clients sites. We also have a 24hr in-the-field rover service and a professional meteorology center that are constantly assessing weather and onsite conditions to ensure our crews are dispatched in advance of weather conditions. 

Real Time Tracking








Our teams are equipped with smart phones and leading production software in the snow and ice management industry. Each site leader will log in upon arrival on your site, review the live site map and snow plan with the team, upload "before" images of the site, complete the work, and then upload "after" photographs. Through our web based client portal you can view the progress at each of your sites, including report all of the work performed, along with the GPS enabled date/time stamp photograpghs. Imagine the ability to login from anywhere you are and check-in on your sites and services.








By combining scientific analysis and state-of-the-art equipment and software we are able to improve efficiency and precisely manage our service costs. We also participate in a bulk purchase program that allows us to purchase de-icing materials at lower rates. When we constantly monitor our costs, we are able to provide our clients value pricing for the services they require.

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