How Snow Plow Group

Breaks Through Ice

At SPG we tackle slippery climate conditions as a top priority. Firstly we studied the industrial science behind all of the methods of de-icing and combined the technical knowledge to provide our clients with the supreme solution for the winters forecast. We fulfill our clients de-icing needs with two different techniques and types of agents, liquid brine and granular salt.


Liquid brine is a solution that helps reduce the formation of snow and ice build up before snow even starts which is called a pretreatment (proactive approach). It prevents snow/ice from bonding to the surface and withstands colder temperatures to endure Michigan's brutal winters. It can also be used to melt the snow once it is on the pavement and continues to repeal snow/ice from accumulating, this is known as a de-icing treatment. We utilize both brine techniques depending on what the site needs. We have been using liquid for more than a decade. With this service we offer onsite storage capability, dedicated brine vehicles (for both parking lots and sidewalks) and multiple brine solutions. Our calcium chloride brine is effective to -25 degrees Ferinheight, far lower than surface temperatures reach in the region. 


Granular salt works by penetrating the layer of snow/ice by forming a chloride solution that is tougher than the ice. This lowers the freezing point of water to protect surfaces from being slick. It provides an instant traction against undesirable pavement conditions. 

Snow Plow Group implements both resources of deicing material to withstand every aspect of Michigan climate and facilitate economical objectives for the benefit of our clients.

We purchase both forms in bulk to facilitate the most timely ice management operation. Even during the off season we continue to secure our salt resources  to support our clients needs in the up coming season. 


We have been charting the data of salt shortages and increases in salt cost of the past several years. We are fully prepared for salt shortages if it arises. Our company has the ability to hold up to 10,000 gallons of liquid brine per site. The amount of rock salt in our private reserve is 1500 ton that we keep at all times and can be used at our disposal.


SPG had to adapt to the industry demands by making our company progressive thinking so we launched a deicing program and we are proud to see it in operation. 


By putting into action our 7 Parameter Analysis deicing strategy we are able to precisely calculate the exact amount of material needed to provide excellent service without decreasing the quality.  Our deicing vehicles are calibrated and programed with this new technology.


This method is not only is the most eco-friendly but reduces the cost to you the client!  

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Eco - Friendly 

Reduces Cost To YOU, The Client

Salt Storage In Case Of Shortage 

SPG has one of the most extensive liquid programs in Metro Detroit!

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